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We pride ourselves in the dedication we provide to ever one of our customers.
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System Merchants is a merchant services provider that allows businesses the ability to accept credit card payments. We work with merchants who are located and sell their products throughout the world. Our team has been operating in the space since the 90’s and what sets us apart is that we are a full service provider. The cornerstone to our company is our innovative technological solutions that allows us to service our clients and partner banks with simple and seamless solutions. We represent merchants from a wide array of industries and sectors and specialize in e-commerce transactions.


System Merchants has an extensive internal operational infrastructure that manages every aspect of the merchant sales, underwriting and merchant boarding process. We have our own proprietary technology that works to streamline the entire process of boarding and managing a merchant account. Then once the merchant is our client we have extensive internal systems to manage risk, provide reporting and an extensive online portal which allows us to manage every aspect of the merchant processing system for our clients.


System Merchants has developed a diverse array of technology that provides the capabilities of supporting merchant services in two key directions. First of all we have the ability to connect with a wide variety of banks; and secondly we have an extensive merchant management system that allows us to support our clients as well. The technological components include gateway integration on the banking side which allows us to send and receive transactions to/from multiple platforms. Furthermore, on the merchant side we have a complete management system which allows for all aspects of the merchant boarding process as well as underwriting, risk tools, reporting, billing and virtually any additional element that is critical to supporting and maintaining the credit card processing environment. All of our technology is structured in a way to ensure that there are back systems throughout the world and that we would never experience down time. We have multiple datacenters that allow us to maintain redundancy and ensure access to our systems.